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Happy New Year!

Rainy New Year! Can finally put on those raincoats and play in the rain! =D Advertisements

Bubble wrap

One of the simple pleasures in life… My girls usually love it much more than it’s contents…! Don’t you just feel like reaching out to squeeze…. I can’t resist popping them… Especially when… Continue reading

Indoor Hopscotch!

Hey… Check this out… Hopscotch… Now if I can only figure out which foot goes into which box… Never mind… Better to leave it to the girls… Hop hop hoppity hop…!

Sunshine and milestones…

238 days… It has been 238 days since the new year. Since I last posted.  Oh my… What has happened in between? Life has been packed to the brim with so many events;… Continue reading

New Beginnings

This is Australia. This is our backyard flourishing with weeds, but absolutely pretty nevertheless! At least, to me.;) So. Here we are, finally. After one year of preparation… (Too many things have happened… Continue reading

Crispy Tofu with Sweet and Sour Sauce

This is a really simple dish that can be whipped up in less than half an hour! Ingredients Two pieces of Tau Kwa Some thinly sliced cucumber, pressed dry Some thinly sliced carrot,… Continue reading