642 Things to Draw

This is a review of this book; actually more of a droning narration of my experience using it for the first time. I like this book cos it gives you so many random… Continue reading

Peranakan museum

After our trip to the Art Museum, we walked down the street to the Peranakan Museum. Free admission too! How cool is that! We should visit the museums every National Day:) Though my… Continue reading

Art museum – Art Garden

  We went over the National Day weekend. They were having a contemporary art exhibition for children. The best part: free admission Of all the exhibits, I liked this sand art room the… Continue reading

Stewed Chicken Wings with Potato and Bamboo Shoots

This is a favorite of mine. Especially when the chicken has absorbed all the flavors and fragrances of soya sauce and rice wine. Ingredients3 potatoes, cubed1 1/2 bamboo shoots, sliced1 onion, sliced thinly12… Continue reading

101 Things I Like About Singapore!

Today is National Day. Seldom do I sit down to think about what I like about my country. Hmm, come to think of it, I’ve never done this before! Haha, so I might… Continue reading

How Tikki Got His Name

In case you’re wondering why anyone would call their dog something that sounds parasite-infested, let me clarify, that’s not his full name. His full name is Tikki-tikki-tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo.… Continue reading

The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz

I’ve barely started on this book and I’m already sold on most of the arguments presented… …around us did” I’m sold cos I experienced most of them all in a week, all in… Continue reading

Bak Kut Teh

I like having Bak Kut Teh (the literal translation is Meat Bone Tea) on cold, rainy days. It’s not really a tea but a soup. Hot, peppery, spicy and aromatic… B doesn’t like… Continue reading

Tikki Hates Rainy Days

It’s another rainy day. I love rainy days and grey clouds! Tikki hates them. He is scared of thunder, that wussy. Every time it rains, he becomes a nervous wreck and starts combing… Continue reading

How to Compose your own song and upload it onto YouTube (all on the iPad)!

Call me slow, ‘sua-ku’, frog-in-well, whatever, I don’t care! I finally managed to upload my first-ever song on Youtube! (in fact, that is my first ever Youtube video. Yes, yes, I am so… Continue reading

Trip to the National Orchid Garden

Yesterday was Little B’s birthday. We spent the whole afternoon out at the Botanic Gardens pushing her about in her tricycle. She had great fun. Hehe.. Probably because of our upcoming National Day,… Continue reading

Sleeping Beauty…

…with slimy chick pacifier …with feet in the air… …with scarf …with hot belly on a cool water mat …having cold feet …headless during a thunderstorm …headless with favorite soft toy during thunderstorm… Continue reading

East Meets West

Yesterday’s dinner was a fusion of East and West… And the end result was thoroughly satisfying cos it involved one of my favourite vegetables- chubby portobello mushrooms, and one of my favourite fish-… Continue reading


I can finally pack the mess on my drop-desk… …wash my paintbrushes… …and throw away my disposable Daiso palette… (though I kinda like how the acrylics caked up layer upon layer on each… Continue reading

French Beans with Dried Shrimp Floss

This is a savoury dish with lots of crunch and it goes well with steamed rice, or in my case last night, Hainanese Chicken Rice. IngredientsFrench beans, sliced thinly and diagonally Dried shrimp,… Continue reading

Hainanese Chicken Rice

This is a very simple dish to cook, but a difficult one to master. Hmm. Actually many dishes are like that. Nevermind. If you can, slaughter a chicken fresh because the essence of… Continue reading

Sharksfin MELON Soup

It’s a MELON! Not real sharksfin, so don’t call up the animal rights group! But to be honest, Sharksfin Soup, the indispensible dish at many Chinese Wedding Dinners, is delicious. And I still… Continue reading

Cheapest veggie on the block… Tau Gay a.k.a bean sprouts

I can buy a whole bag of these at NTUC for just 30 cents! So it would cost even less at a wet market! How can farmers ever expect to earn any profit?… Continue reading

2 Dishes: Mapo Tofu and Mutton-Radish Soup

Yesterday’s dinner comprised the popular Chinese dish, Ma-po Tofu and a not so popular Mutton with Radish Soup. So I won’t be posting too many pictures- popular dishes are easily found on the… Continue reading

Donate a book…

Today, I received an Etsy request to donate a book or two of mine to a children’s hospital in memory of a 6-day old baby and my first thought was, ‘How true is… Continue reading

Salted Fish Fried Rice with Assorted Meat and Long Beans

Actually, this is more of a use-up-all-your-leftover-food recipe… But it tastes good, so well, haha, I guess it’s okay! The important thing about cooking fried rice is to use rice that has been… Continue reading

Stir-fried Shiitake Mushrooms With Fish Paste

Finally nearing the end of my non-heaty week. On the heatiness scale, this is quite a mild dish, and a nice, savory one to go with plain, steamed rice. I’m not a big… Continue reading

Saving My Durian for a Rainy Day

So much for my anti-Heaty Week Posts… It’s coming to an end, I assure you. In the meantime, I’m keeping things cool… By cooking Cooling Food, drinking the Barley and Honey Lemon that… Continue reading

Baby Eeyore Climbs a Snowy Peak

Tikki is clueless as usual… Technorati Tags: cool dog, tikki.

Heaty and Cooling Food List

Are you, by chance, experiencing some of the following:• Feelings of irritability• Short temper• Fever• Constipation• Flushed face or cheeks• Dark yellow urine• Sore throat• Nose bleed• Outbreak of pimples and acne• Rashes•… Continue reading

Nai Bai with Double Egg Recipe

Dish#3 went great with our plain fish porridge last night too! IngredientsSliced ginger1 tsp chopped garlic1 century egg, diced1 boiled salted egg, dicedNai Bai (I guess other dark leafy green vegetables like Spinach… Continue reading

Egg Omelette with Sausage and Cheese

This goes with about almost anything- plain porridge, rice, bread, muffins… I added a little chicken stock and a dash of pepper to three eggs while beating them. The rest is self-explaining(I think!):… Continue reading

Wintermelon Tofu Puff Soup

Yes, I mentioned that I would be having this for dinner yesterday. Well, I must say I prefer the traditional Wintermelon with Pork Ribs version, but B prefers this version… so well, I… Continue reading

No more heaty food this week!

Been a bit under the weather the past couple of days. Runny nose, body aches, running a slight temperature, thanks to last weeks’ binge on glorious, heaty food. In addition to all the… Continue reading

Bottom Dog.

And not the least bit bothered… Technorati Tags: bottom dog.

Roast Chicken with Pandan Leaves

I had to use up all my Pandan leaves today(Friday the 13th) as they were drying up and starting to turn yellow. So, what better dish to cook than stuffed Pandan Leaf Chicken… Continue reading

How to Cook the Perfect Steamed Egg

I’ve always wondered how Japanese Restaurants always manage to consistently produce the smoothest Chawanmushi (steamed Japanese Egg Custard) without bubbles… I’ve discovered that the secret lies in the egg to water ratio and… Continue reading

Delayed gratification…

…is a hallmark of maturity. Am I a good boy?

Luncheon Meat with Potatoes and Ketchup

Needed to finish up the half-opened can of pineapples. What better dish to cook than the sweet and sour luncheon meat with potatoes? One of our favourite homecooked dishes. So, dice dice dice…… Continue reading

Not for the faint-hearted

Today’s meal is actually for the faint-hearted in the literal sense… It’s a Chinese Herbal Soup meant to build up one’s stamina and rejuvenate the body. The common meat that is used with… Continue reading

What to do with too much perfume…

Have you ever received perfume from nice, well-meaning friends and relatives which you know you’ll never use? They’re not the expensive sort; neither are they cheap. Maybe they’re too floral or sweet-smelling or… Continue reading

Coconut Day

Yummy=unhealthy Haha! I cooked TWO yummy dishes yesterday! Nasi Lemak was the challenge of the day, cos I’d never cooked this before. Fish Head Curry is an old time favourite…:) For me, Nasi… Continue reading

Albino Bittergourd…?

Came across a white bittergourd at NTUC… Decided to buy it and try cooking it! Did a bit of googling to find a recipe. Finally decided on a few and did a little… Continue reading

Don’t Throw Away Your Rusty Knife Holder Yet!

You can turn it from this: To this: Just use WD40…   …to soak rust for awhile… Then use this hard sponge (some call it Magic Eraser) to rub away the rust… After scrubbing… Continue reading

It’s a gift to be simple…

From Dictionary.com sim·plic·i·ty   [sim-plis-i-tee]noun, plural sim·plic·i·ties.1. the state, quality, or an instance of being simple.2. freedom from complexity, intricacy, or division into parts: an organism of great simplicity.3. absence of luxury, pretentiousness, ornament,… Continue reading


Went to the Botanic Gardens two days ago (yes, yes lagging again.) Saw THREE Hornbills in a tree! The only other time I’ve seen a wild Hornbill in Singapore was at Pasir Ris… Continue reading

How to Make Body Scrub at No Cost (almost)!

Who doesn’t love a good backrub after a long, tiring day? Imagine rubbing away at all those tense, achey muscles with an exfoliating, relaxing scrub that smells of exotic flowers and tropical fruit… Continue reading

Life is not a bed of roses… It’s a garden of happy colors!

I’m Lagging!!

Yesssss… I didn’t keep to my ambitious resolution to post one item per day… Yes, I’m prepared with lots of ready excuses up my sleeve… Big headache yesterday(it’s true!), folding baby’s clothes the… Continue reading

Me and my favorite pillow…

Honest review on Marina Bay Sands Hotel

MBS (Marina Bay Sands)… One of our country’s most prominent landmarks; part of our Garden Cityscape’s pride and joy.. Yes… 5-star hotel, no less.. And of course, given that it costs almost SGD$1K… Continue reading

The most absolutely delicious eggs I’ve ever eaten…

Slow-cooked organic eggs from MBS… So smooth, so creamy… the whites just wobble and slide onto your tongue and the yolk bursts gently with slow, ooey gooey goodness the moment your fork pierces… Continue reading

Complimentary in-dining at MBS…

It’s a long story…

Today is Organise-the-storeroom Day!

Taking everything out… And putting everything back… On top… The middle… And bottom.. done!!

The old is gone… The new has come!

New blogskin to commemorate the resurrection of this old blog.. Haha

Foolproof Very-berry Blueberry Muffins

Some people scoff any instant confection. While I’m not a such big fan of instant food myself, I don’t mind playing around with instant bakes. I’m such a newbie at this that anything… Continue reading

To Be or Not to Be…

Just fiddling around with different iPad apps today… This was done with Sketchbook Pro. Very thankful to my dearest hubby who generously, graciously sponsored a large part of my New iPad! I can… Continue reading

Scary description

Just read a horribly graphic description of a man being skinned alive in Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. Don’t ask me which chapter it’s from; I don’t dare to re-read it. Hope I… Continue reading

Why You Should Not Remove Your Impacted Wisdom Teeth Unnecessarily

No wisdom teeth? You can skip this post cos it will only be a long, boring acount of why you should think twice before plucking any impacted wisdom teeth. I’m writing with first-hand… Continue reading

Proverbs 11:25

I’ve learned God doesn’t tell us what our itching ears want to hear… It was one of those days when I badly wanted to hear something like “aww, u poor little darling, come… Continue reading

Slow n easy…

Taking my time to clear away all clutter, reorganize and go on a labeling spree! Hated packing as a kid but over time, I’m finding it therapeutic! Thinking of getting things sorted? Here’s… Continue reading


Hello me! Back after a long, long break from this! Call it maternity leave, personal re-teat or just caught up in sorting out the A-Zs of mommyhood whatever! Think it’s about time I… Continue reading